Poseidon overhead jigging reel

Poseidon 50SJ Jigging Reel

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One of the lighter jigging reel in the market with strong drag power allow you for great sea finishing experience.

Reel Specification  
• Drag Max: 25kg  
• Ratio: 6.3:1    
• Weight: 335g  
• Line Cap: PE2 –390m, PE3 – 340m, PE4 – 280m  
• Available Speed: Single Speed  
• Available Hander: Left & Right  
• Colour Available: Silver Blue, Black GunSmoke, Silver GunSmoke &  
                               Gold Gunsmoke        
• Spool Size: Width : 25mm, Diameter: 50mm  
• Per Crank: Approx. 990mm  
• 9+2 Japan Stainless Steel Ball Bearings  
• One-piece Aluminum Frame Body  
• Light Weight Machined Cut Gear  
• Extreme One Way EXO System  
• Machined Cut Handle and knob  
• New Design EVA Knob  

Packing Detail (approx.)  
• Box Measurement: 180mmL x 100mmW x 120mmH  
• Weight (Reel with Box): 516g